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Published: January 19, 2017 Posted by: Blake Hutchison Hub: Children's Rights

Yes, I'm anti-spanking and proud of it. No, I don't (currently) have kids (as of this writing). Yes, I have every right to be anti-spanking, and NO, I don't care if you have a problem with it. That said, I will go into a little more detail to help you attempt to understand my views on this matter, why people like me (anti-spanking without kids) feel the time to be researching peaceful parenting methods is BEFORE becoming parents, and some of the things that have formed my anti-spanking views over nearly four decades on Earth.

Now, I know some of you reading this are pro-spanking, and perhaps even looking for weaknesses in my arguments against corporal punishment. Go for it, I'm a tough nut to crack.

Some people, especially Franklin County (Ohio) Children's Services, talk about an "line between discipline and abuse." I realize I'll never win pro-spankers over to the anti-spanking side by calling them abusers, so when asked if I consider spanking to be abusive, my answer is that currently, spanking is not legally considered abusive. I simply believe it is unnecessary, antiquated, and much like a drug, addictive. Look at how overzealously pro-spankers defend spanking to people who are anti-spanking, for instance. If it truly worked, pro-spankers would have no need to justify themselves to us. They would simply spank their kids anyway, and not even bother engaging us when we speak our minds.

The goal of the anti-spanking movement is not to incarcerate pro-spankers, contrary to what you might believe or what you may have been told by some propagandist. The majority of us simply seek to successfully raise children without spanking, and/or educate others to do the same.

Verifiable evidence, please.
In my experience, the majority of people with a pro-spanking mindset are quick to defend spanking with opinions, anecdotes, and rhetoric, relying too heavily on being the majority rather than searching for the facts. However, people like me who hold anti-spanking views, make our best efforts to back up any case against spanking with verifiable evidence. Try to ask a pro-spanker for verifiable evidence on social media sometime. I double dog dare you! Odds are, at least one of eight things will happen:
1. They will tell you it's a matter of opinion and therefore they don't need to provide verifiable evidence.
2. They will simply throw out another opinion, anecdote, or quip that proves nothing.
3. They will tell you to shut up.
4. They will start calling you names.
5. They will try to change the subject.
6. They will make accusations that your "facts" don't really prove anything.
7. They will fail to provide verifiable evidence of their own.
8. They will continue trying to pass off their opinions as facts, and might even call those facts.

I personally believe that if they were more open to facts, most of them would eventually become anti-spanking. Go on Facebook on any given day of the week. If you have more than 50 Facebook friends, you're bound to find at least one post in your newsfeed once in a while that glorifies spanking in some form. To the majority of pro-spankers "that's the problem with kids these days" is enough evidence to justify spanking. We, of course, are expected to "prove it," only to be told our proof isn't proof at all, by pro-spankers with their heads in the sand like ostriches, when we actually can prove beyond the shadow of doubt of a resaonable person why people shouldn't spank their kids.

Literally once after I pointed out that Sweden, the Netherlands, and Germany all banned spanking and all were now closing prisons due to a lack of inmates, someone told me "well, if you think it's so awful here, you can just renounce your citizenship and move THERE!" The person who posted this reply also misspelled my last name (something else that really pisses me off, but that's for another article.).

In other words, the pro-spanker's only response to my point that crime was getting lower in countries that have banned corporal punishment, instead of providing evidence to prove the case for spanking, was to throw insults and misspell my name.

Attitudes of pro-spankers
Have you ever noticed how hatefully pro-spankers talk to their kids sometimes? Or to someone they find out doesn't believe in spanking? They seem to be of the false mindset that the louder you yell or scream your views or point, the more right you prove yourself to be.

Have you ever noticed how rude they are when you try to speak your mind to one face-to-face? Try it sometimes if you're anti-spanking like me. They will interrupt, try to change the subject, raise their voice every time you speak. They will say "I think" or "in my opinion a whole hell of a lot, and they will almost always emphasize the "I" and "my" when they do, perhaps without even realizing it, so it's like they're saying "I think" or "in MY opinion."

Why do they feel so threatened by a person who disagrees with them? I don't feel threatened by them.

The Pro-Spanker's refusal to look at other ideas will be their downfall
From Michael Pearl to Robert Surgoner, one of the biggest Achilles' heels of the pro-spanking advocate is that they are quick to tell you to also tune out to any writings, philosophies, or views that are anti-spanking in nature. When debating any topic, you NEED to know what the other side is saying, if for no other reason than to look for weaknesses in their argument you can exploit in your rebuttal! It makes me sick sometimes to read things like To Train Up A Child by Michael and Debi Pearl. John Rosemond nauseates me, but at least he's as open to people not spanking their kids as he is supportive of those who do. Robert Surgoner outright tells people not to read anything that even suggests taking spanking off the table as an option.

Ignoring the anti-spanking movement won't make us go away! We get stronger every year, and ignoring or name-calling us just plays into our hands!

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