Oh NO! You just clicked the forbidden link!

Are you happy? You just started the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!
Just kidding...

However, you did just discover one of our secrets to funding our film and video projects...

See, we don't actively seek investment capital from the general public at this time. We find it far more effective to mine and cloud mine for Bitcoins and other cryptocurrency. Now, if you want to become one of Blake's patrons for his children's rights memes and videos on Patreon, we can't stop you. If you'd like to send us a Bitcoin or Ethereum gift and get your name or organization in the credits of one of our movies, by all means!
If you'd like to get started into the world of Bitcoin (and GREATLY help us while making some extra spare change), keep reading.

Bitcoin Sites We Love

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    #1 - Genesis Mining


    Genesis Mining is the number one Bitcoin cloud mining service out there. They're slower than the ones who make bigger promises than they can keep, but they're reliable. We get Bitcoin and Ethereum payouts every day from them. our favorite because of it's reliability, automated withdrawal feature , and they've been doing this for quite a while. They even have their own channel on YouTube where actual people in charge explain new features to the service as they become available (we didn't get into ZCash, personally). You can get 3% off your first hashpower purchase when you use our code K2PwX5 at http://www.genesismining.com

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    #2 - Eobot

    Eobot is one of the longest-running Bitcoin cloud mining services out there. You can pick from several different cryptocurrencies to mine, and get started with as little as $10 (or nothing if you try this little trick to get started with nothing out of pocket while you learn how Eobot works. The free trick's on the slow side, but will show you how the service works.

    See how Blake's doing on Eobot in real time.

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    #3 - Bitbond

    Bitbond is a service where you can earn up to a 25% return while helping people. Think of it kind of like Kiva for the Bitcoin world, but you actually see a return on your investment too.