NOBODY'S PROPERTY - Book 1 of the Nobody's Property Series

Musician Clia Foster and film student Carissa Sutherland, sisters separated by 12 years of age difference, and an ocean for most of Carissa's life, re-connect while facing their demons resulting from the same biological father

Featured Projects (in many stages of production and development)

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    UNCENSORED with Blake Hutchison

    What do you get when you put some crazy guy with a potty mouth in front of a camera and let him speak his mind? See for your f**king self! Depending on the episode, you might hear every imaginable swear word or variant, some new ones, or even a Public Service Announcement where you're told not to drink and drive by someone who is enjoying a drink (don't worry, he had a designated driver for that episode)...

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    In the year 2008, L.A. based filmmaker Nick Walsh returns to his home state of Ohio to shoot a music video for a local indie band based out of Columbus, and to take his mind off of his late wife's recent, tragic death, while helping his twin brother Sam overcome a gambling addiction, and re-creating the prom night his younger sister Elise missed out on because Sam wrongfully grounded her from the event for something she didn't even do...

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    Book 2 of the Nobody's Property Series - Coming 2018 - Set between the late 1970s and 2050s, the past, present, and future of Clia Foster's family tree come together from her grandmother, event planner Mallorie Walcott, faced with raising two daughters by herself after her husband's 1978 suicide to the journal entries of Clia's heterochromic musician granddaughter as her music career rises in the late 2050s.